振付:Choi Jeong Sik
出演:Choi Jeong Sik, Jeon Jisu
ソウル国際振付フェスティバル(SCF) フリンジ賞受賞

Choreographer: Choi Jeong Sik
Performers: Choi Jeong Sik, Jeon Jisu.


Humans all have a prickle to protect themselves. 

In the piece, prickle is interpreted as a two-sided meaning

as an offensive action and defensive action as well. 

The aim was to express human beings themselves. As the choreographer is a relationship-oriented person, the focus was set on the existence of humans while making the piece. 

Choi Jeong Sik

韓国芸術総合学校実業科卒業。現在、ダンスカンパニー Modern Table のメンバー。第3回北京IBCC国際振付フェスティバルにて作品『木のトゲ』でベストパフォーマンス賞を受賞。

Choi Jeong Sik

Sik earned his business degree from the Korean National University of Arts. He is a member of the dance company Modern table, and his piece "Spikes on Trees" won the Best Performance award at the Bejing IBCC International Choreography Festival.