Tringer Game


振付:Jessica Cheung, TungTung Chiu, Kathy Mui
出演:4 Degrees Dance Laboratory(Jessica Cheung,TungTung Chiu,Kathy Mui, Olga Chung [Musician])

*Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
[Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.]

[Hong Kong]

Choreographer:Jessica Cheung, TungTung Chiu, Kathy Mui
Performers:4 Degrees Dance Laboratory(Jessica Cheung, TungTung Chiu, Kathy Mui, Olga Chung [Musician])


Tringer Game is a collective creation of 4 Degrees artists, in pursuit of tracing threads of tangled lies and secrets of bodies and minds. ‘Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.’The body and spirit exerts extravagance imagination on unspoken desires. on top of that, it is an experiment of chemistry reactions in human-spirit bondings.

4 Degrees Dance Laboratory

4 Degrees Dance Laboratory
Founded in 2013, 4 Degrees Dance Laboratory is one of the leading Contemporary Dance Company of young generation in the Hong Kong art scene. Creating and performing mainly collective creations, is devoted to promote living arts.'Learn and grow in making art. Seek integral of physical and spiritual practice. Embody emotions.'