Time Killer

Pomplaza – PROGRAM A

振付・出演:Jung, Log Yee


Choreographer・Performer: Jung, Log Yee






What do you usually do to endure your loneliness?

What’s done can’t be reversed.

Traces can’t be erased afterwards.

You are looking at them, but also trying not to.

Now I have to count sheep.

Jung, Log Yee
初の振付作品“Time Killer”がNDAフェスティバル主催のアジア振付コンペティションにて最優秀作品に選ばれ、2018年Masdanzaへの出演が決定。テクニックに捉われない、簡潔で透明な体の動きに視点をおいた振付が特徴。梨花女子大学を卒業し、韓国芸術総合学校専門師修了。現在、LDPダンスカンパニーの準団員として活躍中。

Jung, Log Yee
Logyee Jung won the first prize in Asian Choreography competition held by NDA festival with her first choreography, Time Killer, which led to 2018 Mas Danza semifinal. Her choreography focuses on not only simple but transparent movement of the body as a language with little technique.
Graduating from Korea National University of Art, she is currently working as a dancer in LDP dance company and she has still been mature. She said, “To this point, I still feel I’m ripening for the next stage to come.”