The Ignited Body

Pomplaza – PROGRAM C
(c)CHOI Won-kyu

振付:Myung Hyun Choi、太めパフォーマンス(乗松薫、鉄田えみ)


演出・照明デザイン:Myung Hyun Choi


[Fukuoka, Seoul(Korea)]

Choreographers: Myung Hyun Choi, FUTOME performance(Kaoru Norimatsu, Emi Tetsuda)

Performers: FUTOME performance(Kaoru Norimatsu, Emi Tetsuda)

Stage Direction & Lighting Design: Myung Hyun Choi


After death, in what kind of state does the body exist?
Instead of focusing on the visible remains, such as the bones left after cremation, we focused on the disappearing spirit and flesh.
May our spirits be saved by death, coexist with space, and turn into a part of nature.


FUTOME performance
A slightly thicker dance company. Our motto is to have fun. Formed in Fukuoka in 2014. Currently performs in and outside Japan.

Myung Hyun Choi

Myung Hyun Choi
Founder of Dance Company Myung. A choreographer who showcase a worthwhile way of life through seeking the depths of the body and mind.