Pomplaza – PROGRAM C
(c)Keith Hiro

振付・出演:Mao Wei & Wong Choi Si, Tracy

[Hong Kong]

Choreographer・Performers: Mao Wei & Wong Choi Si, Tracy


<Hong Kong Dance Exchange招聘作品>

2016年香港芸術祭 助成・制作作品

”Mapping” was commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2016

In this interconnected world, we float like bits of shin.
Any brief moment we stop, we will be swallowed up by time.
When time excretes us back out. Where are we then?

(c)Jackie Hoi Ki

Mao Wei & Tracy Wong
''Pardon''、''Mapping''、''Shelf Life''は、マカオ、台北、日本、韓国、スペイン、アムステルダム、ブリュッセルなどで上演されている。

Mao Wei & Tracy Wong
Mao Wei and Tracy Wong are both independent artist, they mainly collaborate with each other. They specializes in the use of images to create an atmosphere and feelings to give people direct visual impact and their own imagination. Their work Pardon, Mapping and Shelf Life was was invited to perform at Macau, Taipei, Japan, Korea, Spain, Amsterdam and Brussels.