Flying birds

Pomplaza – PROGRAM D

振付・出演:浅井信好 + Lucia Vazquez Madrid

作曲:Jesus Calderon

[Aichi, Tokyo]

Choreographer・Performers: Nobuyoshi Asai + Lucia Vazquez Madrid

Composer: Jesus Calderon



駐日スペイン大使館 助成

Supported by the Embassy of Spain in Japan

This piece focuses on the Japanese word “ふれる (fureru)”. The word can mean to touch, to vary, and to quiver. By encompassing all three concepts, we attempted to create a scene of air; something we can’t feel visually.

浅井信好 + Lucia Vazquez Madrid
浅井信好とLucia Vazquez Madridによって共同振付でスタートしたプロジェクト。浅井信好は山海塾やバットシェバ舞踊団で活動。現在、月灯りの移動劇場を主宰。Lucia Vazquez Madridはアジアとヨーロッパを股にかけ、フリーそしてカンパニーとの創作を行なっている。

Nobuyoshi Asai + Lucia Vazquez Madrid
This project was collaboratively choreographed by Nobuyoshi Asai and Lucia Vazquez Madrid. Asai has performed with Sankai Juku and Batsheva Dance Company, and currently leads the Tsukiakari-Theater. Madrid combines her own creations with the freelance work for other companies performing around Europe and Asia.