Love Thyself

Pomplaza – PROGRAM E *2nd time*
(c)Choi Wongyu

振付・出演:Pakhamon Hemachandra


Choreographer・Performer: Pakhamon Hemachandra

自己に焦点を当てたソロ作品。万物にはアイデンティティが備わっている、という自分の見解を表現しながら、他の誰とも違うこの身体の素晴らしさを踊る。“We are an existence of what we believe in.”―自分が信じるもの、それが私たちの存在なのだ。

<New Dance for Asia-NDA International Festival招聘作品>

A solo performance focusing on the idea of “oneself”. The work aims to portray my personal belief that all things have an “identity”, meaning it is okay to be uniquely different in your own skin. “We are an existence of what we believe in.”

(c)Pataraporn Hemachandra

Pakhamon Hemachandra
タイで生まれ育ち、オーストラリアのビクトリア芸術大学でダンスを専攻。2013年にEDge Postgraduate Dance Companyへ参加し、ロンドン・コンテンポラリーダンススクールにて修士号を取得した。現在、フリーのダンサーおよびダンス講師として活躍中。世界中を旅しながらコラボレーションや自主制作に挑んんでいる。

Pakhamon Hemachandra
Born and raised in Thailand. Pakhamon attained BA in Dance from VCA (Australia). Joined EDge Postgraduate Dance Company’13 and completed her MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from LCDS (UK). She has worked with many renowned choreographers whilst she was in Australia and United Kingdom. Pakhamon is currently working as an Independent Artist, where her first solo work, ''Inmost''(2015), performed in many countries in Asia and Europe. ''Love Thyself''(2017), premiered at NDA 2017 (South Korea) and got selected by Yoshiko Swain for FFDF 2018. Pakhamon is very excited to share her work in Japan for the first time.