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【​ライブミュージック】​Courtney Swain
【スピーカー】XU Shuiliang(振付家), Kwong Wailap(文化ストラテジスト)

XU Shuiliang

南昌初のモダンダンスカンパニー、Next ダンスカンパニーの創設者・総合監督。2007年にダンス制作を始め、中国の主要都市、南昌・南京・広東・北京・香港及び、アジア各都市、釜山・福岡・シンガポール・ソウルなどで作品を上演。2013年に北京ダンスアカデミーの振付修士課程を卒業。現在、江西科技師範大学でコンテンポラリーダンスを教えている。

Founder Director of Next Dance Company, the first modern dance company in Nanchang city, Xu Shuiliang started creating dance since 2007. His works have been invited to festivals in many cities in China, such as Nanchang, Nanning, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong, as well as in Busan, Fukuoka, Singapore and Seoul. In 2013, Xu obtained his MFA on choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy and is currently teaching contemporary dance at the Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University.

XU ShuiliangさんはプログラムD "Shuang Chong"の振付家です。

◾️ゲスト GUEST

チャン・グァンリョル Jang Kwang-ryul(韓国)

ダンスを主に、多彩な文化交流を促進する国際舞台芸術プロジェクト、iPAPを先導。ソウル国際即興ダンスフェスティバル、チェジュ国際即興ダンスフェスティバル、国際コミックダンスフェスティバルの芸術監督。釜山国際ダンスフェステイバル・コーディネータ。韓国国際交流財団、韓国文化芸術アカデミー理事。韓国芸術総合学校、淑明女子大学校客員教授。月刊「Dance Webzine」の編集長、そして韓国ダンス評論・研究協会の理事をつとめている。著書に「Change and Coversion」、「I Want to Kiss Your Feet」、そして「Dancing High Up in the Air」がある。

Jang is currently Head of International Performing Arts Project(iPAP),which covers a wide variety of international exchange programs focusing on dance. Jang is artistic director both for Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival & Jeju International Improvisation Dance Festival and for Internationl Comic Dance Festival. Jang is coordinator of Busan International Dance Festival. Jang is board member of Korea Foundation and Korean Academy of Arts and Cultural Management. Jang is guest professor of Korea National University of Arts and Sookmyung Womens University. Jang is chief editor of monthly megazine and board member of The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers. Jang is an author of three books, “Change and Conversion” “I want to Kiss Your Feet” “Dancing High Up In the Air”.

ルトガー・シュナイダー Ludger Schnieder(ドイツ)

Pumpenhaus 劇場監督 / 芸術監督

ジャーナリズム、ドイツ語学および社会学を学んだ後、俳優、スピーカー、作家、監督として活躍。 1979年に連邦映画賞を受賞したAdolf Winkelmann監督の長編映画「Die Abfahrer」の主役をつとめる。1982年のシーズンから社会文化センターRaschplatzpavillonで演劇プログラムを指揮し、国際舞台祭「ハノーバーの冬劇場」の共催者。1985年、Pumpenhaus劇場の上部組織であるMünstere.V.とプログラミングのための仕事を始め、1997年に国際的に有名な展覧会「Skulptur ProjekteMünster」の劇場とダンスプログラムのキュレーターをつとめる。 1999年以来、Pumpenhaus 劇場の監督と芸術監督を務めている。 フリー・シアターNRW、ダンス・プロデューサー・カンファレンスNRW、元NRW政府劇場諮問委員会、地域文化政策ミュンスターランド諮問委員会のメンバー。

Head of the theater in the Pumpenhaus

After studying journalism, German philology and sociology, he worked until 1979 as an actor and speaker, writer and director for independent theater and radio productions, ia. for the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen. Ludger Schnieder was the main actor in the feature film "Die Abfahrer", directed by Adolf Winkelmann, which was awarded the Federal Film Prize in 1979. From the season 1982/1983 he directed the theater program in the socio-cultural center "Raschplatzpavillon" in Hannover and was co-organizer of the international theater festival "Winter Theater in Hannover".
In 1985 he began his work for the organization and programming of the theater initiative Münster e.V., the sponsoring association of the Theater im Pumpenhaus. He initiated international programs and cooperations and was among others. 1997 curator for the theater and dance program of the internationally renowned exhibition "Skulptur Projekte Münster". Since 1999 he has been managing director and artistic director of the Theater im Pumpenhaus. Ludger Schnieder is a member of the National Board for Free Theater NRW, the Dance Producer Conference NRW, the former Theater Advisory Council of the NRW Government and the Advisory Council for Regional Cultural Policy Münsterland.

クォン・ウェイラップ Kwong Wailap(中国)


Kwong Wai-lap has spent over 20 years in the arts, as either a full-time manager or a consultant for organizations as diverse as Hong Kong Arts Festival, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Macau Cultural Centre, Guangzhou Opera House, Asian People’s Theatre Festival and Guangdong Xinghai Performing Arts Company. As one of the founders of the annual Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, Kwong was the festival’s Programming Director from 2004 to 2011, and in 2006, he co-founded the first Fringe Festival in China Fringe Shanghai. His experience covers most areas of arts management. In recent years he has specialised in developing strategic cultural exchanges in and with China. Kwong is currently the Director and Chief Consultant of Shanghai Cultural Links Management Consulting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

チェ・ビョンジュ Byungjoo Choi(韓国)

SAIディレクター、日韓ダンスコーディネーター、SCF(Seoul International Choreography Festival)実行委員、(社)韓国現代舞踊振興会理事

Japan-South Korea dance coordinator. Currently she teaches as adjunct faculty at Keio University , and is also part of the production team of Tokyo×Seoul Duo Dance Festival, the foreign dance committee of Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF), assistant director of the New Dance for Asia-NDA International Festival (NDA), and a chief judge in the Asian Solo & Duo Challenge for MASDANZA.

ユ・ホシク Hosik Yu(韓国)

Designare Movementの主催・芸術監督。NDA国際フェスティバル芸術監督。2015年、スペインのMásdanzaフェスティバルで審査員を務めた。2006年に韓国国立ダンスコンペで金賞、2008年韓国ダンス協会から最優秀振付賞を受賞し、2009年には韓国文化協会に期待すべき若きアーティストとして選ばれ、注目を浴びた。アジアの次世代を担うダンサーとして、韓国、日本、シンガポール、マレーシア、アメリカ、そしてヨーロッパを股にかけて活動中。

Founder & Artistic Director of Designare Movement.Artistic Director of NDA International Festival. 2015 Judge in Masdaza, Spain. 2009-2010 Selected as a "Young Art Frontier" by Arts Council Korea 2008 The Best Choreographer Competition organized by Korea Dance Association "Grand Prize” 2006 Awarded "Gold Prize" by National Dance Competition". Widely recognized as the new generation dancer representing Asia, he currently travels between Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, and Europe and continues to display his performances.

ダニエル・ユン Daniel Yeung(香港)


Independent Curator/choreographer/arts critic. Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with major in Fine Arts and minor in Chinese Music, Daniel is a self-taught dancer and was twice awarded scholarships to study choreography in Holland and London. Daniel was raved by Europe’s BalletTanz year book as “The Choreographer to Look At” and was awarded the “Rising Artist Award” by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council 2002. He is also a six-time awardee of the Hong Kong Dance Awards (2000, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014), organized by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance, and twice-won “Top Five Best Dance Works of the Year” from the South China Morning Post. In 2013, Daniel was awarded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council as the “Best Artist of the Year (Dance)” for his total contributions on curating, choreographing, performing, teaching and criticism on developing Hong Kong dance culture.

アシュリーナ・スィ Athelyna Swee(シンガポール)

シンガポール出身。オーストラリアのシドニーでダンスを学び、卒業に際して大学のダンス賞・芸術賞を受賞。2013年には振付家、そしてパフォーマーとしてシドニーフリンジフェスティバルに参加した。2014年から三年間、シンガポールのFrontier Dancelandのカンパニー・マネージャーを務め、イスラエルでのバットシェバ舞踊団主催公演など、大きな機会を実現させた。2016年に独立した後、T.H.E.ダンスカンパニーに参加し、カンパニー主催のM1 CONTACT コンテンポラリーダンスフェスティバルのマネージャーに就任。ダンスや芸術に転向する前には、幼児教育や運営に深く携わっていたというエピソードもある。

Born and bred in Singapore, Athelyna was a recipient of the Dance Award and the Arts Award when she graduated with a Bachelor of Dance in Sydney, Australia, and has participated in the Sydney Fringe Festival in 2013 both as a choreographer and a performer. From 2014 to 2016, Athelyna was the Company Manager of Frontier Danceland, Singapore, and secured performance platforms for the company such as Batsheva Hosts in Tel Aviv, Israel, before concurrently working as an independent dance project manager in 2016, and eventually joining T.H.E Dance Company as the Festival Manager of the M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival in 2017. Prior to her dance studies and career in the arts, Athelyna has also held full-time positions in early childhood education and administration.

イ・チョルジン Lee Chuljin(韓国)

現、社団法人韓国チュム芸術センター代表 デュオダンスフェスティバルディレクター 舞踊家、アートディレクター、 パフォーマンスの企画者、伝統芸能の批評家、文筆家、大学講師でもある。特に舞踊家としては、韓国で最も完成され、最も審美的とされる民族舞踏、仏教とシャーマンを起源とする『僧舞(スンム)』『サルプリチュム』『太平舞(テピョンム)』を完全にマスターした数少ないダンサーの一人である。現在、韓国国内に劇場を保有し、精力的にソロパフォーマンス活動を続けている他、国内のみならず、その存在を広く世界に認知させるべく、ヨーロッパにその行動範囲を広げ、世界に向けて韓国伝統舞踊を発信している。

Lee represents the Korea Chum Arts Center, and also serves as the director of the Duo Dance Festival. He is a dancer, art director, producer, traditional arts critic, writer, and a professor. As a dancer, he is rare breed who has mastered Korea’s most spiritual and aesthetically honed folk dances; Seungmu, Salpuri-Chum, and Taepyongmu. All three dances are rooted in ancient Buddhism and shamanism. He performs solo at his theater in Korea, but recently expanded his performances to Europe to showcase Korea’s traditional dances to the rest of the world.

乗越たかお Takao Norikoshi
(福岡ダンスフリンジフェスティバル フェスティバル・アドバイザー)

作家・ヤサぐれ舞踊評論家。株式会社ジャパン・ダンス・プラグ代表。06年にNYジャパン・ソサエティの招聘で滞米研究。07年イタリア『ジャポネ・ダンツァ』の日本側ディレクター。 『コンテンポラリー・ダンス徹底ガイドHYPER』(作品社)、『どうせダンスなんか観ないんだろ!? 激録コンテンポラリー・ダンス』(NTT出版)、『ダンス・バイブル』(河出書房新社)他著書多数。 エルスール財団新人賞コンテンポラリーダンス部門選考委員、『ダンス・ニュー・エアー・フェス』 理事、『ニュー・ダンス・フォー・アジア・フェス(ソウル)』 理事、『マスダンザ・ソウル・プラットフォーム』審査員、『北海道ダンスプロジェクト』 『踊る。秋田』アドバイザー他

Fukuoka Dance Festival Adviser Norikoshi is a author and rogue dance critic, and represents the Japan Dance Plug Ltd. In 2006, he studied dance in the US on an invitation from the New York Japan Society. He served as the Japanese Director of the 2007 Giappone Danza Festival in Italy. He is the author of many titles including “Complete Guide to Contemporary Dance HYPER” (Sakuhin-Sha), “You’re not going to watch dance anyway, right? An intense record of contemporary dance” (NTT Publishing), and “Dance Bible” (Kawade Shobó Shinsha). He serves on the selection panel of Elsur Foundation’s Rookie Award in Contemporary Dance, on the board of Dance New Air Festival and New Dance for Asia Festival, on the jury for Másdanza Seoul Platform, and as an advisor for Hokkaido Dance Project and Odoru Akita Dance Festival.