Big Mouth II

ニューヨーク | New York
  • Choreographer・Performer: Bo Kyung Lee
作品コンセプト | Concept

The phrase “big mouth” means to be “indiscreet”, “boorish”, “gossipy”, and “spread secret”.  Sometimes it’s helpful to say things than to say nothing, but I thought about the possibility of harm from talking. What if people judge us by their own eyes when we judge others by our view and prejudice? What if someone is reveling in our story when we enjoy gossiping others? Yes, we should think and be careful about not spitting out others’ stories. Every time I present my work Big mouth II, I wanted to ask the audience about their experiences. Have you ever been hurt by “talking” even once? If so, how did you recover from that wound?

プロフィール | Profile

She received Ph.D. degree from the Department of Living Dance and Performing Arts of Hanyang University in Korea. She received the Presidential Prize at the 7th Nakano International Performance Competition, and the 1st award at International mature soloist contemporary dance contest (FIDCDMX) in Mexico. As a choreographer and a dancer, she has created 27 pieces and danced many performances. Since she moved in New York, she founded her own company, BK dance project, in 2011. BK Dance Project aims to transform people’s varied interests, experiences, and happenstance into an art form through the performer’s movements and emotion. The company draws on diverse influences and genre of art to better engage and enliven the audience. She has presented her works in multiple events, New York Wave Rising series (2009 and 2012), LGDF in Cornell University (2012), CoolNY Dance Festival (2013 and 2014), Korea Dance Awakening (2014), and K Dance In New York (2015), and Going Dutch Festival in Chicago(2015, 2016), WAXWORKS, Pan Asian Dance Festival (2017), HATCH, SOAK 2018, Art all night in Washington, DC (2018). She presented workshops in Rutgers University (2009) and Ithaca College (2011 and 2012), Queens Museum (2015) and taught a modern dance class as a lecturer in Ithaca College (2011).


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