Scenes from “Goldfish”

マカオ、湖南省(中国) | Macau, Changde (China)
  • Choreographer: WU Bo
  • Performers: FDS & CMDC (ZHOU Yao, CHAN Chicheng, LI Mengbo)
  • Original Lighting: LEE Chiwai
  • Technical: Mak Chi-fai
  • Producer: Hong Chan U
  • Dramaturge: KWONG Wailap
作品コンセプト | Concept

There is a popular belief that goldfish only have a three-second memory span… what about after the three seconds? In an attempt to trace her memory, the narrator sees a woman, a shadow and an entangled relationship. Perhaps, every lap of their fishbowl is like seeing the world for the first time.
…. This is an excerpt from the 60 mins fulllength work.

プロフィール | Profile

This is the first collaboration between Four Dimension Spatial (FDS), a pioneer in contemporary dance in Macau, and CMDC (Changde Modern Dance Company), the first and only modern dance company in Hunan Province.


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