Time of Me

韓国 | Korea
  • Choreographer・Performer: HAN SHIN-AE

※Program DとF(再演)の公演内容は同じです。

作品コンセプト | Concept

Everything changes as yesterday and now are different. It moves naturally and eventually it flows, too. So every moment is meaningful and precious. I gaze at the flowing me and notice the center of change. I am perfect, me through me, me inside me, me also me and me ... I started looking for an authentic existence, I express shalom (peace, serenity) in my body and feel it.

プロフィール | Profile

Contemporary dancer Han Shin-Ae is an experienced dancer who has performed in many works with domestic dancers. Also investigated the purpose of the movement of combinations of cause and the nature of dance movements. The passion for choreography has developed after impressing Pina Bausch "Café Müller". Personal works are characterized by a combination of emotional and dynamic movements and focus on expressing through the body from emotions.


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