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アレヨアレヨという間に「福岡ダンスフリンジフェスティバル」がvol.10を迎えます。10年なんとやら・・・ということわざもあるのに、なんだ〜、われわれ人間というのは、原始からイマの一瞬を通過して地球がなくなる日まで、ヒョッとしたら地球がなくなっても宇宙のどこかへと連綿と蟻の行列のように踊りながら進んでいくのかなぁと思ってしまいます。さぁ、思い立ったら吉日、イマ・ここでしか創れないダンスでぜひフリンジ10周年にご応募ください。あなたの思いもよらないダンスの誕生と祝祭をワクワクしてお待ちしています。フェスティバル・ディレクター/ スウェイン佳子

I can’t believe that Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival is celebrating its 10th year in 2017! It’s been a wild ride, and ten years have flown by in the blink of an eye. This has me thinking that we humans might dance right past the beginning of time, the current moment flying by us, and way past the day the Earth dies. I imagine us floating, dancing into space like a diligent line of ants marching away. Anyway, my daydreaming aside… If you have an itch to dance, or a work you’re yearning to share, today’s the day to take action. We can’t wait to review your applications, and we’re excited to see your unique form of physical expression, and celebrating dance.
Festival Director/ Yoshiko Swain(NPO Co.D.Ex. Director)


Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival vol.10

// Now accepting submissions! //
Submission deadline : September 4th, 2016
Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival vol.10      


We’re thrilled to announce that Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival is now open for submissions. This upcoming year will be the 10th anniversary of FDFF, and I’m looking forward to reviewing submissions from old and new faces. FDFF is all about energy, expression, inspiration, and the life-force that manifests as dance. If you have something inside of you that’s waiting to be unleashed, don’t hesitate! Now is that time for you to give it a shape and a name, and submit to FDFF. Please check our official web site for the detail.

548843_396665437046783_1831049713_nダンスだかなんだかよくわからない。でも自分にしかできない「過剰な何か」が身体の中でグルグル渦巻いているキミ!それをドーンとぶつけるべき場が、福岡にあるぞ!同じカタマリを抱えた連中が、広くアジアの各国から集っている。それがこのFDFFなのだ!日本とアジアをつなぐダンスの拠点として、日本有数の絆を築いてきたこのフェスは、キミに世界への扉を開くかもしれない。しかしアイデア一発で押し切れるほど甘くはないぞ。「舞台上に立つ身体性」をしっかりと突き詰めて、ドーンとかかってこい!フェスティバル・アドバイザー/ 乗越たかお(作家・ヤサぐれ舞踊評論家)

Hey you! Do you have something extreme bubbling inside of you? Something you’re not quite sure what it is, or if it’s a dance at all? There’s a place for you in Fukuoka to bring and showcase that chunk of emotion or creation, whatever it is! There are bunch of other folks there with similar “chunks”, and they’re gathering from all across Asia. That place is called Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival! FDFF has become one of the most important cultural links between Japan and Asia, and it’s your chance to open up the door to the rest of the world. An idea alone won’t get you to shine at FDFF, so come prepared with the physicality that will stand the test on stage. Good luck!
Festival Adviser/ Takao Norikoshi(Writer, Performance Art Critic)